Getting Started? 


OK, so you have been to the arcade, raced and bred a few horses and now its time to find out more about the buttons and strategy of the game.


Actually, the game is quite simple and if you can get yourself to the arcade then you can play derby :)


Steps to Getting Started

1) Read the Question and Answer Section below

2) Print Out the Whip Charts

                    Last Spurt Chart (Win more races with this one)

                    Front Runner (Be the King of the 1600s and more....)


3) Print out the Race Schedule

                   Race Schedule


4) Print out the Horse Tracking sheet

                   Horse Tracking Sheet


5) Breed the most common lines and Race


Questions and Answers 


I designed this section for new players with the following topics in mind:

- Questions and Answers to the most commonly asked questions

- Training, how do you train your horse?

- Special Horses - How you get them, how you breed them

- Breeding Secrets

- Foods, feeding your horse special foods can give it special powers. We share the secrets.


Questions and Answers:


Q: How do you make a strong horse? 

A: Basically a newborn foal's Ability will get better from generation to generation in DOC. If you'd like to create a high Ability foal from the very beginning, you will need deep generation parents. If you are just starting out, you are better off buying your way in for $40.00 instead of trying to be a purist and spending thousands. Yes, that is right, i said thousands. Since we own a Derby machine, we can create these special strong foals at our leisure and share them with you so that you can enjoy the game as much as we do.


Q: What are the six abilities i can train and feed my horse on?

A: The six abilities with proper training are as follows: 

*Note: The maximum number of blips for each category is 64. The half way mark on the scale is 32 blips.

START Start Dash speed gets faster. 

CORNER Corner speed doesn't slow down rapidly. Also it can run fast to the inside of the track especially in the corner. 

OUT OF THE BOX Your horse can pass obstructive horses easily when it runs up to their position.

COMPETING It can win the race when it's competing other horses in the final straight track. 

TENACIOUS Even though the gauge of whip effect is low in the final straight course, the gauge won't go down rapidly. 

SPURT Every whip effect gets more effective. 


Q: What kind of effect do Hearts have on a relationsihp with the horse? 

A: Relationship Heart points is the single MOST IMPORTANT thing to know in DOC (Derby Owners Club). If your horse enters a race with nearly full Relationship heart points, it'll run much better. Also, the Relationship Heart points effect every training scenario and thus influences your horse's gains in the various Abilities. More Hearts=More Whips and stamina in the race. Understand your horse well and try to get all 16 hearts possible. Know the kinds of food your horse likes and dislikes, and also what Horse Character Type it is. DOC will quiz you randomly about it and will adjust your Heart points up or down. The maximum number of Hearts a horse can get is 16.



Q: How is the Leg Type set? 

A: Leg Type is set by the six external Abilities excluding Corner. For example, if Start is the highest then you will always be a Front Runner. Take a look at the Leg Types below.



Q: How many Leg Types are there? 

A: There are five Leg Types such as Front-Runner, Start Dash, Last Spurt, Stretch-Runner and Almighty. The horse leg type will be set as Almighty when the grade of five external Abilities except Corner are the same amount. Contrary to what you may think, having a Leg Type of Almighty is not good. The Leg Type of your horse shows up before the race in the left hand corner of the station you are racing on before the race starts.

- Front-runner if Start is the highest (excluding Corner) The Whip is most effective during first 35%-45% of the race, but if you time your hits right you will whip through out the entire race. These run especially well on tracks that are 1600 meters. Use the Front Runner whip points and no one should beat you in the 1600 meter races. However, if multiple FRs are in a 1600 meter race it may reduce your chances of winning.

- Start Dash if Start is the second highest (excluding Corner) Whip is most effective during first 55%-65% of the race

- Last Spurt if Start is the third highest (excluding Corner). Whip is most effective during the last 65%-55% of the race. This is the strongest of all, focus on this leg type and you will win more races with the published whip points than any other leg type. The horse has special abilities to draft on other horses near the end of the race!

- Stretch-runner if Start is Fourth or Fifth highest (excluding Corner) Whip is most effective during the last 45%-35% of the race Alimighty All stats are exactly even There is no effective whipping time of the race. It is common for almost everyone to build a Stretch Runner. However, these are no match for the Last Spurt.



Q: How can we create a Special Foal such as a Tiger, Zebra, Panda, Cow or Deer horse? 

A: The Special Foal is the result of a mutation. If a parent is the special one, the birth chances of a special foal will increase. If you breed 2 parents that are special horses together, you have a better chance of producing a special horse. Horse coloration alone does not affect your horse's Ability in any way. It just makes for variety, wonderment and lots of sneaky glances your way.


Q: How many kinds of Horse Characters are there? 

A: There are five Characters -- Imposing, Rough, Honest, Coward and Sloppy. You'll need to know this as DOC will ask you about it every now and then, and adjust your Horse Hearts (Relationship) up or down according to the correctness of your answer. 


Q: How do I identify My Horse's Character

A: You'll know your Horse's Character with the comments at the birth scene after you've breed its parents. If you can't remember, you can easily find out your horse's Character later on by pressing the HOLD button while the horse is waiting in the farm corral (i.e. before training while waiting for the current horse race to finish) and observing its reaction: 

Imposing - Standing up 

Rough - Kicking up 

Honest - Shaking its body 

Coward - Getting startled

Sloppy - Falling asleep   (hint: at the end of a race, if the horse is laying down at the stable, always leave it)


Q: How do i answer the questions at the stable after the race?

A: Depending upon your horse's character mentioned in the statements above, there are corresponding answers.




Praise after the first race

Blandish after 1st G-1 win 

Ignore when angy 

Praise wins and 

When it is satisfied, Psyche up, but not after great wins (soft shoe) 




Blandish after 1st G-1 win 

Comfort when sad 

Flatter - 

Psyche up OR comfort when depressed 

Psyche up when nervous 

Scold when "satisfied" 




Appologize when you push it too hard 

Blandish after 1st G-1 win 

Comfort when sad, sorry, or depressed 

Encourage on narrow losses or when depressed 

Flatter on hard fought races 

Flattery can backfire Hug - Do NOT hug after wins Hug when it's happy, 

Praise can backfire. Praise wins 

Psyche up after wins 

Scold for poor races 

Scold when it's happy

Sooth when it loses confidence 




Blandish after 1st G-1 win 

Comfort when it's sorry 

Flatter when in doubt Flatter wins

Praise - Do NOT Praise when it is satisfied 




Blandish after 1st G-1 win 

Encourage on narrow losses 

Flatter when in doubt 

Praise wins and when it is satisfied

*Note: Knowing the above information should increase your heart value much faster on a young horse. 


Q: What's the difference between Horse Types?

A: There are three Horse Types in Derby Owners Club (DOC): 

SPEED RUNNER TYPE: This horse can run relatively fast. 

STAMINA TYPE: Horse has the lowest whip response of the three types. However it is good at long distance races. 

SHARP RUNNER TYPE: Horse has the highest whip response of all. However it uses its Stamina the most. Your horse type will appear on the screen when you retire the horse.


Q: When do i retire my horse?

A: Males=27-28, Females=24-26


Q: Why isn't the Horse Condition gauge full before a race? 

 A: Your horse will also start "tired" (low on whip)  if you use the whip too much in its last race or your horse is in top positions continuously in past races without resting. The gauge is related to your horse's tiredness. By getting more and more tired, it loses Stamina during the race and it affects its Whip Reaction a lot. So every now and then give your current horse a break and race with another horse card. Take good care of your horse by taking rests often! 


Q: Is the HOLD button effective? I want to run faster, not slower! 

A: Using the HOLD button is unfavorable in short distance races. However it's effective in long distance races so it's important to use it then. When your horse can't use its real Ability and loses speed when it runs the long distance race by being boxed in by other horses, HOLDing is sometimes desireable to build up your Horse Condition and in this case, your race position will be minimally affected. How to use and when to use the HOLD button is one of the BIG KEY points to win a race. Try and use the hold button on a Last Spurt every 50 meters(check out the whip points section). But if you otherwise press HOLD button repeatedly just for recovering the Horse condition quickly, this will instead be counter-productive because you'll lose Speed at the very same time. Certain points in the track


Q: How do i feed my horse Bananas?

A: If you predict the winner in the sixth race (6R is the Grade 1 stakes race) a Banana will appear in the food selection after training in the 1R Handicap. This food enhances the horse's Ability and also it has the same effect as resting. Bigger bananas are more effective.


Q: How is the amount of Handicaps influenced by Total earnings in the first race (1R Handicap)? 

A: If horses with exactly the same abilities run in a handicap race, every $????? will become a five to six horse lengths Handicap.


Q: How is the Horse Type set? 

A: The highest point of the Horse Abilities (Speed, Stamina and Sharp) sets the Horse Type. Horse Type will change throughout a Horse's racing career based on Abilities at that particular time. While racing horses with an even Stamina type, other various conditions will average into this and make one particular horse's Stamina more effective. Consider your horse's overall Character and enhance its Ability with proper Training and Racing (i.e. whipping/hold back timing) Style. There are symbols before the race that you can use to check your horses ability. The first 3 symbols are Stamina, Speed, Sharp. Valid symbols are triangle, shaded triangle, and double circle.


Q: Is it possible to choose a Foal's gender? 

A: Nope. Also, it is not possible to breed a Gelding (G). However, if you have a horse that you would like to make a male or female consider the following. Breed one of your males or females to the previous generation. Also, we have found that breeding in the 5th race, before a 1r 1600M is the best way to breed jackpot horses and obtain mutual horses of female and male.


Q: How do i breed the strongest horse in the game?

A: You have to breed a Jackpot horse. The basics are simple, if you breed 2 horses and use a single training(Turf preferrably) in the 1st race, this is half of what you need to do. Second, train solo training of some sort for the 2nd race.

The way to find Best Right is in the 4th race of the Grade 1 Mile championship series Just before the race begins, a screen with symbols of triangles, circles and double circles will appear. If your horse draws any symbols in the first 3 symbols on the second race, than you have breed a jackpot.




Training Menu Note: For Solo times between 12.70 and 13.30 it's usually between 2-5, whips right off the bat, not too fast, and 2-5 at half way, and how many depends on the traing, i.e. if it is slope, or turf, or not, and the age of your horse. Experience is the key to good training. Slope usually requires more whipping.

Note: For Cooperative training, if the initial distance goes to 4 lengths you will need to use a whip pattern to catch up. It goes like this, whip, whip, pause whip. Over and over again until you catch up. You can tell where the horse is before training begins and whether or not you will whip to catch up or hold to slow down to be even with the horse.

Note: Some horses do not like particular trainings, and may refuse to train. Also if you do the same training too many times in a row the horse may refuse to train once, but will train it the next time. Refusal to train may also be related to the track condition, as some horses do not like Soft, so it may not be the training alone. 


Pool - Small increase in Start Moderate increase in Tenecious Moderate increase in Spurt Try to stop the bar within the red.

Turf Solo - Large increase to Start Try to hit the time Exactly 

Wood Solo - Large increase to Corner Try to hit the time Exactly 

Dirt Solo - Large increase to Tenacious Try to hit the time Exactly 

Slope Solo - Large increase to Spurt Try to hit the time Exactly

Turf Cooperative -  Small increase to Start Large increase to Competing

Wood Cooperative - Small increase to Corner Large increase to Out of the Box Try to get a Dead Heat

Dirt Cooperative - Small increase to Tenecious Large increase to Out of the Box Try to get a Dead Heat

Slope Cooperative - Small increase to Spurt Large increase to Competing Try to get a Dead Heat

Rest - Minimal to no increase in Corner Minimal to no increase in Out of the Box Minimal to no increase in Competing This helps the horse be fully rested and focused for the race Recommended for older horses, once the important stats have maxed out


Special Horses

The game contains several special horses, they are said to be caused by random "mutations". However these horses do not race any better, or worse than a horse who is normal colored. They key to good horses, is good technique, and good ancestory. 

Here are the different Specials that exist: 

White: horse is all white 

Platinum, Silver: Horse is a color between white and gray and has a darker mane and tail 

Zebra: horse has Zebra stripes 

Tiger: horse has yellow and black stripes 

Panda: horse has white and black Panda markings 

Orange Panda: horse has orange and black Panda markings 

Cow: horse is half black and half white African Deer, what happened: horse is a mixture of black, Zebra, and brown


For those interested in trying to breed them, here are the odds: CPU X CPU = 1:256 Player X CPU = 1:64 Player X Player = 1:16 Special X CPU = 1:8 Special X Player = 1:4 Special X Special = 1:2 


Note: anything bred with a special the outcome will be either another special or a gray horse 


Breeding Secrets

Breed off the computer to start your line. After 4 years of testing for breeds on the Derby machine, these are the most common breeds that you are likely to do well with.



ThunderBoy/Sara Bara

ThunderBoy/Layin Back


(run these on dirt tracks !!)


Drews Due/Sara Bara

Glass Tiger/Mountain High

Wild Sun/Jupiter Queen

Special Holiday/Hollywood Hills



Special Foods

Herbal Dumpling - Win the 6th Race in any 6 race series and continue on to the 1R Handicap. Note: you cannot pull your card out after winning the 6th race and put it back in the 1st race and get the special foods.  Just hit continue after winning the 6th Race.

Super Herbal Dumpling - Win the 6th Race in any 6 race series and continue on to the 1R Handicap. Note: you cannot pull your card out after winning the 6th race and put it back in the 1st race and get the special foods.  Just hit continue after winning the 6th Race.

Large Korean Ginseng - Win the 6th Race in any 6 race series and continue on to the 1R Handicap. Note: you cannot pull your card out after winning the 6th race and put it back in the 1st race and get the special foods.  Just hit continue Just hit continue after winning the 6th Race.

Ginseng - If this food appears in the 1R handicap and you won a G1 on a horse with under 10 races, you can eat this food and it will double bump each and every one of your externals.

Pudding - If your horse refuses training 2 times in a row, you get a bonus!


Note: Bananas and Ginsengs are small rewards! If you are unlucky enough to sit out the 6th race (a Grade 1) then you can still predict who will win the race. If you do so, then you will get the large bananas and every stat on your horse will increase by 1. If you are lucky enough to race in the g1(also known as the 6th race), but do not win and place 2nd or 3rd you can continue the 1R handicap and get the small korean ginseng. 



The key to the game is the combination of a smart jockey and a deep generation horse line. If you just started plaing, you are trying to get lucky enough to breed a really fast horse. However, your quest is better served by breeding the known pairs that work. This will consist of racing 1000s of races and breeding hundreds of ponies(listed below) to get the exact ones that are known to be fast. So basically, you will spend about 6 months of your time and $12,000 to $15,000 dollars to actually learn how to be a better racer only to get run over by some "Joe" who is nothing more than a loud mouth jerk selling on eBay.


Buying horses is the fastest way to get started in the game.

Since we own a machine, we can create these horses for you at will. Consider the time and money you will save in purchasing high generation horses from a reputable source ($12,000 to 15,000 dollars). After all, we are in the amusement business. 


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