So you think you are ready for the Big Leagues? 


Have you ever played a sport of skill where you were really good? Derby Owners Club is a game of skill and you must play it with other experienced players to raise your level of play to the next level. My point is that no matter how good you get or think you get,  you can always do better. Because if you do not get better there will be someone who can out jockey you any day of the week.


The following topics are covered in this area:

- Difference between Front Runner and Last Spurt tracks

- Racing for records, how to do it

- Times, Split Times

- Symbols Screen before the race

- Get a strategy for how you prepare, race, photo and track your racing  

- What you see is not always what you get, The External and Internal Point System

- The Truth About the Superhorse ("Jackpots") (EX vs. WE)

- "Grabbing the Rail"

- Tournament Racing. G1 mode, Breeders Tourney



 Difference between Front Runner and Last Spurt tracks

- You have probably discovered that there are different length tracks and that some tracks a Last Spurt runs well and some a Front Runner runs well on.

- Guess what? There is a way to increase your chances of winning based on which track you choose. Quite simply, if you are the only Front Runner(FR) in a 1600 Meter race with any number of Start Dashes, Last Spurts or Stretch Runners you should win. However, increasing the number of FRs in a 1600meter race can drastically reduce your chances of being tracked down by a Last Spurt. So if you can, stick to running FR on the 1600 meter races and if possible try it out on the cc3000 or cc3200.

Every other track can be won with a Last Spurt


Racing for records, how to do it

You will need atleast 1 Front Runner and 1 Last Spurt. The idea is to get the Front Runner out front and have the Last Spurt chase the FR down under 120 meters. If this can happen, chances are that you will beat the Record. Of course, this may or may not work on  a 1600meter race unless there are 6 FRs and 2 LSs. But then again, who would do this unless they were just trying to claim national records for horses on some obscure website and sell horses on ebay?

Be sure to record the split times for the FR and then you can use these split times to check whether or not the FR is on record pace. After all, the Front runner in the lead sets the split time.

So with a decent Front Runner and an experienced Last Spurt you can rest assure that records are well within your grasp. Just a tip, make sure to track the FR times as well as the Last Spurt times with the splits and this will help you bust down those records!


Times, Split Times

So you are wondering what are times and split times and why do they even matter if i win? Well, the reason is that certain horses are track specific and run better times on certain tracks. By running track specific horses into the right races, you will start to break records. A split time can be misleading at first, but after a few races of tracking the split, you will notice a pattern. 

For example, if you whip out in the race too fast, your split time will be extremely fast, but your finish time may not be so great. So you will have to track what the best finish times and split times are so that you know when you are on record pace.

We have personally seen skewed split times with overwhipping out of the gate. So whip just before the H and with the perfect word flashing at the top. Be patient, use a good whip chart and have a little fun with your friends on tracking records. In Hong Kong, timed records are on almost every video game and the players walk around with books tracking their race times. Sometimes the best time is not necessarily the best indication of a good racer, so be sure and interact with your fellow racers to create a sense of belonging for those around you. You might even find that tracking their records might be good for you.


Symbols Screen before the race

After the horses are introduced , a screen with a green outline and lots of different symbols in the form of a triangle, shaded triangle, circle and double circle will appear. This is the handicapping screen before the race starts. You can determine many variables about your horse before the race. For example, the internal values of your horse that are Stamina, Speed and Sharp can be determined from the first three symbols in the order Stamina Speed and Sharp. For example, if you had a horse that was sharp and had 20 races, you would most likely see a triangle, shaded triangle, or double circle in the second position. The values will begin to appear as the horse gets more races. The rest of the symbols are for Start, Corner, Out of the Box, Tenacious and Spurt and how they compare to the other horses in the race. If you have more questions, please feel free to use the email at the bottom of the page.


Get a strategy for how you prepare, race, photo and track your racing  

One of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for a compettitive night of Derby racing is to practice a consistent way of racing. 


For example, we have seen average players drop into our venue, race and then when everyone shows up they are clueless. The reason is that the serious players have a tracking sheet, know which races are coming up and in what order and do not race every single race. As a matter of fact, they review the schedule, line up the horses, review the whip charts before the race and track the splits as well as other important information. We even have people at our venue who bring laptops. Sound obsurd? Well its not, because those are the people preparing for tournaments and tracking their horses on different track conditions and identifying their track specialist. They even take it to the next level and start trying to breed as deep as they can by inbreeding their horses to create multiple generations of a certain line. So like shooting basketball hoops, practice makes perfect and please be sure to plan ALL of your G1s in advance.  

To photo finish with other races is another skill within itself. You can find your horse's character on the farm while waiting to race.If you have a Rough character the horse can be beat senseless in the last 30-40 meters and in a pack you may find a whip pattern that helps you finish better. But before you get within in the last 30 meters, be sure to position yourself in the pack at around 125-150 meters. This really helps with multiple racers.


What you see is not always what you get, The External and Internal Point System

Alrighty, there are certain internal values that you cannot see about your horse and there are certain external values you can see such as Start, Corner, Out of the Box, Competing, Tenacious and Spurt. So Internals you cannot see consist of Stamina, Speed and Sharp. Your horse will retire with one of these values that you can see on the retirement screen. The other values are breeding internals and these are created by in-breeding your horses.  So breed the same parents of male and female and you have 1 generation. Breed their offsprings male and females together and you have 2 generations and so on. In-breeding increases the hidden internals and makes your horses stronger and gives them more whip.



In order to determine the proper amount of Externals you need on your horse, you need to determine which version of Derby Owners Club you are running.

In a nutshell, there are 2 versions of the Derby Owners Club Arcade Game, EX and World Edition. The way to visually distinguish between the 2 is to look at the Derby Owners Club logo just before the Race starts. If you see EX on the screen, you are running EX software. EX is the patch released by Sega to stop the Glitch horses that were sold on Ebay and to release new sires and Dams for breeding.  WE or World Edition is the original American release of the game circa 2003. The reason you need to know this is because it depends on how you train your horse to fill in the stats with little blue bars.

As a jockey, you need to train your FRs with the following values. Consider that all External values are equal to 64 blips on the computer screen.

WE - Start=64, Corner=64, Out of the box with as little as possible, Competing=64, Tenacious=64, Spurt=64

EX -  Start=64, Corner=64, Out of the box with as little as possible, Competing=with as little as possible, Tenacious=64, Spurt=64 (*Note: The maximum External point value of a horse is 64x6 which is 384. In EX, most Experts recommend running a horse at a minimum of 342 points. Otherwise, the game will handicap your horse. Doc-We version does not handicap your horse no matter how large your externals are)



Stamina, Speed and Sharp are unseen values, but can be controlled and watched by looking at the handicap screen before the race. The first 3 symbols on the screen before the race are what most people believe to be Stamina, Speed and Sharp.  Based on what foods and how you train your horse, these values will change through out your horse's life. Thus, you need to win atleast 4 o r more G1s and continue to the 1R in order to get the special foods. If you are unable to do this, that is ok, just keep on getting as many G1s and special foods as you can in each generation. This will increase your breeding internals and make your horse's stronger in deeper generations.

*Note: Be sure to record whether your horse is a speed, stamina or sharp horse when it is retired. Use the Horse Tracking sheets.


 The Truth About the Superhorse ("Jackpots") (EX vs. WE)

JACKPOT in DOC terminology is slang for the Super horse. One of the more common questions we get is what makes a horse so good that no one can touch it? Honestly, this is the wrong way to be thinking about DOC. In DOC, there are many schools of thought on what exactly makes your horse a Jackpot.

In previous versions of the game (WE) if your horse drew a symbol on the symbol screen just before the race started, against the computer horse Best Right, and you were the only one in the game than you had a Jackpot.

However, in the version known as (EX) our racing club has found that after tracking thousands of races in our databases, that if your horse draws any symbols in its first race on the symbol screen then it is a Jackpot.


"Grabbing the Rail"

This is an Advanced Trick that is quite useful as a Last Spurt. Lets say that you are in a big long race like NP2500, CC3000 or CC3200 and you draw the outside post positions (8-12). Instead of a Rocket Start, try a Snap Start (2-4 whips at the beginning) allowing the other horses to rocket in front of you. After the glide, hold your horse before the first turn so that it fades in behind the pack and moves to the rail. Next, try to stay with the pack of Last Spurts, Stretch Runners and the rest of the racers in front of you by whipping up to the back of them, not too far and not too close.  Watch how your horse seems to have an imaginary tow line pulling it along. Try it on the Central City and Sega tracks, it might just improve where you finish in a big pack.


Tournament Racing, G1 mode, Breeders Cup

Derby Owners Club Arcade games are shipped with Tournament modes built into the game.  This is great for parties and getting the local players together in order to prove their prowess. 




G1 Mode Tournament

The most popular type of racing is G1 Mode which consists of putting the machine into a loop where it only runs the 16 G1 races in a loop. Typically, 1 person runs a Front Runner and the rest run Last Spurts chasing the Front Runner. Rotations are a good idea since ID 2 usually runs the fastest and draws the best gates.

Players score points for different positions they finish in each race.


 Breeders Cup Tournament

This is a great way to have some fun. Players pick a race, breed off of the computer and select their horses. This provides a random draw of horses and the players race for as many races as they want. 

Players score points for different positions they finish in each race.



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