Breed the most common Pairs



ThunderBoy/Sara Bara or Ferrantis Folly

ThunderBoy/Layin Back or Butter Popcorn


ThunderBoy/Peach Girl or Lucky Laurie

(run these on dirt tracks !!)


Drews Due/Sara Bara

Glass Tiger/Mountain High

Wild Sun/Jupiter Queen

Special Holiday/Hollywood Hills


Instead of trying to be a purist and start all over from scratch, we highly recommend that you buy a couple of generations into each breed. Believe me, i tried to start from scratch and it was a waste of time and money. Other people knew that i was behind and that i was stubborn. If only i had started that way from the beginning i would have had the real horses in order to compete.


Since we own a Derby machine, we can create these horses for you at will. We do not spend our entire spare time at the arcade drinking soda pop and wasting money on expensive food and drink and Derby. Instead, we have created a way for you to fully enjoy Derby with a better selection of horses. In order to get as deep on generations as we have, it would take you about $12,000 to $15,000 dollars. For pennies on the dollar we will create you a pure breed computer horse that is maxed out and ships with 23 races. What's more? Each pair we sell can be raced and bred.




Buying horses is the fastest way to get started in the game.

Since we own a machine, we can create these horses for you at will. Consider the time and money you will save in purchasing high generation horses from a reputable source ($12,000 to 15,000 dollars). After all, we are in the amusement business. 


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